Marusia and Diede´s wedding, Hacienda Uayamon, Campeche, Mexico
Bride's dress by Prada


Joyous Wedding in a Stunning Jungle Setting

Hacienda Uayamon, Campeche

It is unheard of to arrive at Hacienda Uayamon and be to not immediately be enchanted by the place; the humid smell and dense sound emanating from the humidity around one is dizzying, in a good way. It really does have an otherworldly atmosphere. I had previously been to several of 'The Haciendas' photographing for a magazine and had immediately felt the separateness and uniqueness of Uayamon. The Mexican bride Marusia, had met her Dutch husband it China and they had individually and together gathered up friends during their itinerant lives from all over the globe. They had been on a visit to Yucatan and the Campeche on one of Diede's first visits to Mexico and they both adored the place. Their wedding ceremony, held in the roofless chapel nestled amongst the foliage and encroaching jungle.