Weddings in Merida, Campeche and the Yucatan

I have been lucky enough to shoot weddings in stunning haciendas throughout Mexico, but Merida and Campeche are home to some of my favorites. The intoxicating heat of the Yucatan, the lush smells and hum of insects emanating from the foliage, all add to the enchanting effect the decadent setting of a hacienda has on one. Hacienda Uayamon (in Campeche) is perhaps my favourite of all; its roofless chapel, vast central tree and the faded facades of its outbuildings with encroaching nature just beyond, make a wedding there a truly enchanting experience. I have attended several weddings there and photographed a couple and am dying to shoot another there soon!

There is certainly something dreamlike about a wedding in such heat...

...especially when the sound of tropical birds and insects emanates from the surroundings.

One of my first photography jobs on arriving in Mexico was in Merida, not shooting weddings but instead photographing for a food guide for tourists. On this first trip I was taken to many of what are now my favorite haciendas. I was able to wander around the grounds, rooms and gardens freely, trying to capture the atmosphere of such places. I was also able to try many of the dishes (after having got the necessary shots of them first!).  It was then that I was introduced to what are now some of my favorite places and where I have returned several times with my work as a wedding photographer.

There is honestly nowhere I would rather work as a wedding photographer...

...than in a hacienda in the Yucatan peninsula, whether in be at an elegant wedding at one of the famous haciendas of Merida or Campeche or in a lower key location, I do not mind, I love it all.

I hear of more and more people heading to Merida...

...or surrounding areas of the Yucatan to get married, mostly people from Mexico City but recently there’s been an increasing number from overseas. There are of course many beautiful haciendas here and I assume that these provide the main attraction for Merida as a wedding destination. Merida’s haciendas are often expansive and spacious with large lawns, palm tree lined paths and pools set within a (roofless) part of the original structure, therefore can be an idyllic location for a wedding.  Furthermore, many have been restored and converted into hotels or rental houses with ample accommodation for family and friends to stay together the days around the wedding day.

I try my hardest... persuade anyone making a trip to Mexico to include Yucatan in their journey. There is just so much to enjoy here, obviously the beaches are of international fame but even more unique to this place are the cenotes (and the haciendas which I have already mentioned). A cenote is a naturally formed sinkhole (by collapsed limestone) with a fresh water pool in which one can swim.  Some are open to the sky and some are cave-like structures accessible through a small hole at ground level. They are usually beautifully looked after by the local community, and open to visitors every day of the year. There are some well-known ones and even more that you will come across by following a wooden hand-written sign on the side of the road. An unforgettable swim in a cenote is another reason to add to the list of why having a wedding in the Yucatan peninsula is a good idea!