Jacques Henri Lartigue
A lasting inspiration to depict the joy of life.


Photographs can give us a visceral response when we look at them. This is often the case when we are looking at a photograph of ourself or a family member in the past. But some photographs can evoke joy even when they are of people we do know and from an era long before us. I believe that photographs can have soul, that is the only way I can put it, and a perfect example of what I am talking about can be found in the work of Jaques Henri Lartigue. His images, often of family and friends and often of happy occasions (such as summer holidays or weekend picnics) seem to express an almost tangible pleasure in life. His photographs are an inspiration for me as a wedding photographer and although they are the opposite of formal, nor are they the kind of candid shots I have mentioned. Most are set up for the camera in a way to express the joy or beauty of the occasion. I increasingly like to play around with these kind of images when photographing a wedding. Weddings are often beautiful celebratory events with beautifully happy people at beautiful locations and all of these aspects can be expressed in wedding photographs in more than one way. In no way do I think that wedding photographs have to be reportage in order to be lastingly meaningful. I adore taking beautiful formal shots or fun setups of the bride and groom, their friends and family for my clients. These shots can represent the spirit of the moment or individuals in a different but equally evocative way as documentary shots can. It doesn't matter how I get it, but I intend for all my wedding photographs to hold that evocative power, just like the so much of the work of Lartigue does.