Phoebe Landa Wedding Photography

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a cactus garden near san Miguel de Allende


Phoebe has worked as a wedding photographer for over fifteen years and has shot weddings in Europe, the US and all over Mexico. 

Hopefully her wedding photographs speak for themselves.


A wedding in Mexico City





Portrait of the bride, Casa de la Bola, Mexico City


We are thrilled beyond belief with your ability to capture, not just the look of the day, but the feelings
— Claudia and Marc's wedding was at The Rosewood, San Miguel de Allende

A bride hugs her father after his speech, Rancho Las Cascadas, Mexico


This is Real Life

Your wedding is not a photoshoot and so I don't treat it as such. 
I am a documentary photographer and fifteen years of experience shooting weddings have taught me how to capture the real moments instead of faking them.
My aim as a wedding photographer is to get timeless images that are beautiful and meaningful and that will remain so for generations to come. 


My first wedding

I decided I wanted to be a photographer when I was fourteen and photographed my first wedding three years later. It was my cousin's wedding and on the way we got stuck in a solid traffic jam, but my dad, a law abiding soldier, sped up the hard shoulder and managed to get me there just in time. I don't think I exaggerate when I say that this may have affected the rest of my life. I am still proud of the images I shot that day.


From London to Mexico (and all over the world)

I had been working on and off as wedding photographer in the UK and Europe for ten years before I moved from London to Mexico. I now live between the two and shoot weddings and other stuff all around the globe.  The first weddings I photographed here were huge traditional Mexican events with no speeches, five hours of dancing and a constant flow of tequila. But now I shoot many different sorts of weddings in Mexico, lots of smaller occasions in gorgeous haciendas, idyllic beach ceremonies and many picturesque weddings in San Miguel de Allende. Mexico is just bursting with stunning places and it is heaven for me as a wedding photographer. 

The sun going down, wedding at Brasada Ranch, Bend, Oregon

The sun going down, wedding at Brasada Ranch, Bend, Oregon


Some of the many beautiful wedding destinations in Mexico...

San Miguel de Allende

The first wedding I photographed in Mexico was in San Miguel de Allende. The ceremony was held in the distinctive pink parish church (known as La Parroquia) and the reception was down the hill in the exquisite Casa Hyder. Central San Miguel is made up of steep cobbled streets lined with old wooden doors that open to beautifully restored houses with courtyards, gardens, shady pools and terraces. Its churches, plazas, gardens and colonial houses are a delight to photograph in and its celebratory atmosphere is unique. I don't think I will ever tire of working in San Miguel. Click below to see some weddings photography work from San Miguel de Allende and its surroundings...

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Bride and groom walk to their wedding at the Rosewood, San Miguel de Allende


Merida and Campeche

I have been lucky enough to shoot weddings in stunning haciendas throughout Mexico, but Merida and Campeche are home to some of my favorites. The intoxicating heat of the Yucatan, the lush smells and hum of insects emanating from the foliage, all add to the enchanting effect the decadent setting of a hacienda has on one. Hacienda Uayamon (in Campeche) is perhaps my favourite of all; its roofless chapel, vast central tree and the faded facades of its outbuildings with encroaching nature just beyond, make a wedding there a truly enchanting experience. I have attended several weddings there and photographed a couple and am dying to shoot another there soon! Click below to see wedding photographs from Merida, Campeche and Yucatan...

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The chimney at Hacienda Uayamon, Campeche


Tulum and the Riviera Maya

Tulum lies at the southern end of the Riviera Maya, Mexico’s own stretch of Caribbean coastline. The coast's many hotels vary hugely, from the upscale elegance of the Rosewood Mayakobá through the refined tranquility of Be Tulum to the low key charm of a simple cabaña amongst the palms. Before moving to Mexico it had not crossed my mind that my job as a wedding photographer could involve working on the beach - I am delighted that it now does. The sand between everyone's toes and a salty breeze blowing through the bride's hair makes for a gorgeously tranquil environment for a wedding. Click below to see some of my wedding photography work from in and around Tulum...

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Bride on the beach outside Be Tulum, Tulum


Photographing weddings has allowed me to walk into worlds beyond my own...

...and to witness other lives at their happiest moments. It is incredible work and I consider myself privileged to do it.

No occasion is too small or too far away.