Phoebe they’re amazing!! We knew you were the one! (Sounds like the Matrix!)
— Sia & Jenna, Rosewood Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen
THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! We were FLOORED last night looking trough these.

THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!! We were FLOORED last night looking through these. You sincerely captured so many perfectly special moments. My dad is in the hospital again today, so the one you captured of him in the doorway is really appreciated!!!! Joey and I are just so grateful for your talent and creativity. Your perspective, the all captured the essence of San Miguel and us so perfectly. We are so happy to have found you and could not be more excited about these pictures!

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. I'm happy to write a review for you, if that's helpful. Your gift is meant to be shared!

Love, Kim and Joey

Kim and Joey's wedding was at Casa San Miguel, San Miguel de Allende


The photographs are amazing! I am so so sorry for not writing before.  As ever I kept wanting to write an epic of thank you and woops of "how wonderful!" and inevitably never had five moments together at the keyboard.  So I am so sorry not to have written before but we just love them.  I have already given your name to two of my colleagues who thought they were the best wedding photos they'd ever seen.  There are just so many brilliant moments that you’ve caught just in the nick of them happening. Everyone looks five times more beautiful than they were and Mark has got quite puffed up thinking he's quite the thing after seeing a couple of him that you got during the speeches.  Thank you so very much.  

Helen and Mark's wedding was at Hacienda Uayamon, Campeche


Oh Phoebe! Please forgive us for not letting you know immediately how much we adore the photographs!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have captured so many brilliant moments. All brilliant and far too much to put here in a rush but we are enormously happy cats. We can't thank you enough - lots of your brilliant shots are already in frames all around the flat which says a lot when we haven't even unpacked yet! 

Lots of love, Chloe and Rob

Chloe and Rob's wedding was at Be Tulum, Tulum

Tepoztlan weddina mel 14.jpg
OH MY GOD Phoebe I don’t even know where to begin. They are stunning. I don’t know how you managed to be everywhere at once and capture it all with such sensitivity. They are incredible, I am so so grateful and overwhelmed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Claudia & Marc, Casa Hyder, San Miguel de Allende
The photos are just the most incredible photos we’ve ever seen in our lives and we´re speechless.

We had to write to you and express our heartfelt appreciation for our wedding photographs. Thank you so much. The photos are just the most incredible photos that we’ve ever seen in our lives and we’re speechless. I don’t know what to say. You were lovely on the day - you kept everyone at their ease and melted into the atmosphere of our day effortlessly. We had a number of people ask us if you were one of our guests. You provided us with an experience that was far removed from the demonstrative photographers that we have witnessed in the past - those who constantly shout for things like the bride's family to line up for another formal shot, leaving everyone smile somewhat fatigued. You captured the feel of our day so accurately that we are transported back to that time every time we look at them, which we do regularly. We just can't get over how you seem to have managed to be in more than one place at the same time in order to capture moments in time with such a rounded view. We have simply never seen photographs like them before; the colour, angle, timing - I could go on! - have left us and our friends open mouthed. We feel so fortunate to have chosen you to record our day. It was such a joyous day and everyone who has seen your photographs, whether they were there or not, feel that. We are so grateful that we will be able to feel that joy every time we look at them throughout our lives together.

With best wishes for the future, Carrie and Simon

Carrie and Simon's wedding was at Hacienda Uayamon, Campeche

We are thrilled beyond belief with your ability to capture, not just the look of the day, but the feelings!

Dear Phoebe,
First let me tell you how absolutely beautiful the photographs are! We are thrilled beyond belief with your ability to capture, not just the look of the day, but the feelings. What you did capture is absolutely stunning, and we will enjoy it all for years to come. The formal portraits are gorgeous. The wedding pictures are amazing. Your framing of each moment was impeccable and we are constantly awed by how you managed to capture the setting, the people and the feelings throughout the event. Although I have a favorite or two: the photograph of them coming out of the church, with the full height of the church would be number one; every time I pick up the book I find something new. I am particularly drawn to the sequence of photos taken of those at the family table of reactions to the speeches. You are such an accomplished portraitist, and I dare say, psychologist!

With many thanks, Marijean

Marijean's daughter's wedding was at Casa Hyder, San Miguel de Allende

Phoebe you dog! How did you get such great shots?! I don’t know how you were in so many places at one time. Peter and I are very impressed. We are soooooo so happy with the results.
— Leslie & Peter, Be Tulum, Tulum
If you are serious about your wedding photographs, hire this woman!!

We are so unbelievably grateful that Lea recommended you to us. You have given us photos that we (and future generations?!!) will cherish for a very long time. The one of grandma laughing at dad's (probably bad) joke is so precious to my family now. We never thought that a wedding photographer could give us such incredible photos of our nearest and dearest as well as of us. We are now telling everyone we know: if you are serious about your wedding photographs, hire this woman!!

Larry and Shoshana's wedding was at a private residence in San Miguel de Allende


Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories of the most important day of our lives
— Jessica and Alejandro, Rosewood San Miguel de Allende
WOW. these are amazing - better than we dreamed!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
— Liliana & Patrick, Rosewood, San Miguel de Allende
Tepoztlan weddina mel 2.jpg

Phoebe, WOW! We love the photos! Thank you so much! We think your photos perfectly capture our day, in such a spectacular setting! Our special day with just the two of us, relaxed, very happy and having fun! I think I’ve looked at them about 20 times already! I sat down with my mum last week and went through the photos, she balled her eyes out and couldn't get over how absolutely amazing they are...

Sending hugs from Australia, Andrea

Andrea and Anthony's wedding was at Hacienda Uayamon, Campeche