OH MY GOD Phoebe I don’t even know where to begin. They are stunning. I don’t know how you managed to be everywhere at once and capture it all with such sensitivity. They are incredible, I am so so grateful and overwhelmed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Your wedding day involves the most important people in your life coming together to make some of its most memorable moments. For the last seventeen years, my wedding photography has offered me the incredible privilege of seeing into these worlds and witnessing people at their happiest. It is for this reason I always look to capture the real emotions and stories that make up your day – images that represent who you are. These photographs will become some of the most meaningful and treasured pictures you will ever have. And therefore, in addition to classic images of the couple, I hope to capture the beauty of a fleeting expression, a shared moment between friends, a glimpse of emotion on the face of a loved one – all of those in-between moments that are the heartbeat of your wedding day.




Those classic shots of the bride and groom and the wedding party

These are the classic wedding photographs of the couple, not necessarily posed but certainly intentional. My approach to these photographs can depend on the taste, style and personalities of the couple. I usually take the couple away from the rest of the wedding to several previously scouted spots, typically for between twenty and forty-five minutes. Although I will sometimes offer specific directions, my aim is to allow your natural interactions to dictate the composition of these images. Wedding photographs are far too important to be overtaken by passing trends and I aspire to make these images timelessly beautiful.


Evocative images that tell the story of the wedding in all its detail and all its glory

These photographs will tell the story of the day, documenting the event with shots of those key moments; preparation on both sides, walking down the aisle and the exchange of rings, as well as showing the details and setting of the wedding in all its glory. However, I also capture those intervening moments that often provide the most evocative memories of all. Not everything can be planned, and although rain might make an appearance and alter events, I am not fazed. I aspire to get shots that prove magic can be found in the smaller in-between moments that also provide the substance of your wedding.


Vibrant meaningful portraits of the people that make up your wedding

These are the totally natural shots that capture the people of your wedding; a mother moved by a speech or friends in hysterics at a remembered story. It is the people (probably the most important ones in your life) who give meaning to your wedding and (without being intrusive or conspicuous) I aim to come away with lots of candid portraits of them. Some wedding photographers seem to capture the couple and the details while overlooking the other people the make up the wedding. So many couples I have photographed have shared with me their delight at having great shots of their closest friends and family to cherish into the future. 



I have been lucky enough to shoot weddings in stunning haciendas all over Mexico, but Merida and Campeche are home to some of my favourites. The intoxicating heat of the Yucatan and the lush smells and hum of insects emanating from the foliage, all add to the enchanting decadence of these colonial estates. Hacienda Uayamon (in Campeche) is perhaps my favourite of all; its roofless chapel, vast central tree and the way the natural landscape encroaches on the faded facades of its outbuildings make for a truly beguiling wedding experience. I have attended several weddings there and photographed a couple and I am dying to shoot another there soon!

There is certainly something dreamlike about a wedding, where the sound of tropical birds and insects rise out of the heady heat. One of my first photography jobs upon arriving in Mexico was in Merida, photographing for a tourist food guide. On this trip I was taken to several haciendas, many of which have now become my favourites through my work as a wedding photographer. I was able to freely wander the grounds, rooms and gardens, trying to capture the atmosphere of these magical places, as well as getting to taste many of the dishes (having first got the necessary shots of of course!).

There is honestly nowhere I would rather work as a wedding photographer than in the Yucatan peninsular, whether it be an elegant wedding at one of the famous haciendas of Merida or Campeche or a low key ceremony amongst the region's tropical vegetation, I do not mind, I love it all.

I hear of more and more people heading to Merida and its surrounding areas to get married. Many of these people are from Mexico City, but it is increasingly becoming a destination for people from overseas. I assume it is Merida’s many beautiful haciendas that are drawing people to the region and it is not surprising considering their expansive houses, large lawns, palm tree lined paths and pools set within the roofless ruins of the original structures. They provide an idyllic location for any wedding and in many cases their restoration into hotels and rental houses, offers ample accommodation for family and friends to stay together before and after the wedding day.

I try my hardest to persuade anyone making a trip to Mexico to include the Yucatan in their journey. There is just so much to enjoy here, the beaches of course are of international fame. However, even more unique to the area are the fresh water cenotes, naturally formed limestone sinkholes in which one can swim. Maintained beautifully by the local community and open to visitors every day of the year, they vary from pools open to the sky, to cave-like structures accessible through a small hole at ground level. Some are well known but even more can be found by following a wooden hand-written sign on the side of the road. An unforgettable swim in a cenote is just another reason (on the long list of reasons) to hold your wedding in the Yucatan.