OH MY GOD Phoebe I don’t even know where to begin. They are stunning. I don’t know how you managed to be everywhere at once and capture it all with such sensitivity. They are incredible, I am so so grateful and overwhelmed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Your wedding day involves the most important people in your life coming together to make some of its most memorable moments. For the last seventeen years, my wedding photography has offered me the incredible privilege of seeing into these worlds and witnessing people at their happiest. It is for this reason I always look to capture the real emotions and stories that make up your day – images that represent who you are. These photographs will become some of the most meaningful and treasured pictures you will ever have. And therefore, in addition to classic images of the couple, I hope to capture the beauty of a fleeting expression, a shared moment between friends, a glimpse of emotion on the face of a loved one – all of those in-between moments that are the heartbeat of your wedding day.




Those classic shots of the bride and groom and the wedding party

These are the classic wedding photographs of the couple, not necessarily posed but certainly intentional. My approach to these photographs can depend on the taste, style and personalities of the couple. I usually take the couple away from the rest of the wedding to several previously scouted spots, typically for between twenty and forty-five minutes. Although I will sometimes offer specific directions, my aim is to allow your natural interactions to dictate the composition of these images. Wedding photographs are far too important to be overtaken by passing trends and I aspire to make these images timelessly beautiful.


Evocative images that tell the story of the wedding in all its detail and all its glory

These photographs will tell the story of the day, documenting the event with shots of those key moments; preparation on both sides, walking down the aisle and the exchange of rings, as well as showing the details and setting of the wedding in all its glory. However, I also capture those intervening moments that often provide the most evocative memories of all. Not everything can be planned, and although rain might make an appearance and alter events, I am not fazed. I aspire to get shots that prove magic can be found in the smaller in-between moments that also provide the substance of your wedding.


Vibrant meaningful portraits of the people that make up your wedding

These are the totally natural shots that capture the people of your wedding; a mother moved by a speech or friends in hysterics at a remembered story. It is the people (probably the most important ones in your life) who give meaning to your wedding and (without being intrusive or conspicuous) I aim to come away with lots of candid portraits of them. Some wedding photographers seem to capture the couple and the details while overlooking the other people the make up the wedding. So many couples I have photographed have shared with me their delight at having great shots of their closest friends and family to cherish into the future. 


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Oaxaca has so much to offer, from the enchanting chaos and colonial architecture of the city, to the fierce beauty of the Pacific. This jewel in Mexico's crown is full of scintillating flavours and stimulating colour – it is no surprise it has become a thriving cultural hub, inspiring artists and writers from all over the globe.


I have photographed a handful of weddings in Oaxaca and am dying to photograph more. One of first weddings I attended as a guest in Mexico was in Oaxaca, held in the beautiful botanical gardens of Santa Domingo, something I know hear is not so common to get permission for! 

The beaches of Oaxaca are low key, in the best possible way, and at times it is possible to find yourself on a long stretch of beach with no other company than golden sands and rumbling waves. The wildlife here is incredible, with opportunities to see whales, dolphins and in particular, sea turtles who have chosen the Oaxacan coast as a nesting area. These beaches are also world-renowned for their surfing swells, drawing people of all levels of expertise into the waves - those first stepping on a board alongside seasoned experts. The abundance of surfing culture is also reflected in the relaxed, tranquillity of this coast line and the three villages of Zipolite, San Agustinillo and Mazunte offer this in abundance.

As is typical in Mexico, most of the rain in Oaxaca falls between June and November but this leads to an eruption of green foliage that spreads from the coast to the mountains. However, the spring is hot and dry and perfect for those wishing to experience intoxicating heat and striking sunsets.

Oaxaca is so rich in culture and landscape that it has something for everyone, particularly for a wedding! From the historical elegance, traditional food and creativity that seeps from its very pores in Oaxaca City, to the wild waves and tropical heat of the Pacific coast, I will always be delighted to shoot weddings anywhere in this remarkably varied state.