Liliana and Patrick's ten year anniversary photoshoot, San Miguel de Allende


Photographs to Celebrate Ten Years of Marriage

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This couple contacted me with their story. They had been thoroughly disappointed with their wedding photographs ten years ago and wanted to take this opportunity, on their tenth wedding anniversary and celebration visit to San Miguel de Allende, to get the beautiful photographs they hoped for the first time. They wanted photographs that showed not only their love but that also reflected who they were as individuals and as a couple. I was given great guidance as to the style of images they wanted, "light, bright, full of movement and fun". I was (as usual) keen to get the evening light at its various stages. We started off at the Rosewood hotel where they were staying, using several pretty shaded spots to get some of the more formal images first. We then (after a change of outfit for Liliana) went out to the streets around Parque Juarez shot some more fun walking shots - Liliana had brought a gorgeous paper bouquet of flowers earlier that day) - some with the ParrĂ³quia as a backdrop. Then was the part I was really excited about it, we went up to El Charco del Ingenio (the botanical gardens of San Miguel) to take some photographs there at the golden hour. It is one of my favourite places in San Miguel and perhaps in the whole of Mexico. The evening light seems to hit the dry yellow grasses and rocks in such a warm and magical way. Due some some unavoidable logistical difficulties trying to get into the garden, we lost tons of time so my hour was cut down to around fifteen or twenty minutes but we raced around and got some lovely shots, especially of Liliana down on the dry river bed. I was so so happy and so were they.