Kim and Joey's wedding, Casa San Miguel, San Miguel de Allende


Super-Fun Little Wedding and Street Procession

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This couple were unbelievable amounts of fun to photograph. Their wedding was the sweetest most loveliest thing ever. They were all staying with a bunch of friends and family in Casa San Miguel, a perfect private rental house and it is there that they had their wedding ceremony on the roof under a pergola. Joey's dad gave the wedding ceremony an Joey got out his guitar and sang a song, it was just perfect. After the ceremony I went for a little outing with just them two to take some photographs around the centre of town. I suggested we take a taxi and ask him to accompany us, waiting to take us to the next stop. I did think that maybe I would get some nice shots of them in the back but it was all better than I had imagined, the cab driver Oscar even featured in the photographs! They played around and had fun in front of the camera at every moment, I did not stop pressing the shutter for more than a few seconds at a time. I had several spots in mind but the bride, being a designer, spotted a couple of doorways she liked and we added to what I had planned. I couldn't kept on shooting forever but we managed to tie it all up in half an hour or so, I think, maybe we ran a little late I'm not sure, I completely lost track of time. We headed back to the house where everyone was ready and waiting for the callejoneada, including the mariachis and mojigangas dressed up to look like Kim and Joey. Things then got even more fun during the procession, as you will see from the photos!