Aranza's maternity photoshoot, Mexico City


Elegant Maternity Portraits for a Fashion Designer

Mexico City

I had photographed Aranza's wedding in San Miguel de Allende a couple years before I got her email saying that she was pregnant and would like some elegant simple pregnancy portraits. She couldn't not have been clearer that she wanted "nada cursi" (nothing cheesy) and that is why she had come back to me, because she knew my style and trusted me completely to fulfill this wish. I tend not to do pregnancy shoots as I do think it is very hard to not be cheesy at all but on this occasion I said yes because we were definitely on the same page. It was such a nice process, she came to my studio one Sunday morning and we just slowly moved around trying out different spots and different lighting. I almost only use natural light so, the varying lighting was with my two layers of curtains that I use to filter and direct the sun from the full wall windows. I am really looking forward to my next maternity shoot now, I loved it, so peaceful, so different from photographing a wedding!