Jen and Ben's wedding, Rancho Las Cascadas, Hidalgo, Mexico
Bride's dress by Saja.


Stunning Rancho Wedding on the Mexican Plains

Hidalgo, Mexico

I don't even know where to start with this wedding. It was like nothing I've ever seen before. The bride and groom (who are friends of friends in Mexico City) had been to this ranch several times for riding and weekend trips and had fallen in love with the place. It really is such a unique and stunning spot. The open plains that surrounded it and so peaceful yet so majestic. The entire day, including the preparations, ceremony and party, was just so laid back. The ceremony area had been laid out with a circle of petals and hay bails draped in blankets for the guests to sit on. Horses and mariachis announced the brideĀ“s arrival with her father and the ceremony was given by a great friend of the couples', interspersed with readings and speeches by other friends and family members. After the ceremony ended and the guests made their way back to the main rancho buildings for drinks, I stayed out on the plains with the bride and groom to take some photographs within the beautiful surroundings. They were so spontaneous in their happiness and we got such wonderful photographs. The speeches were moving and funny and I just about had enough light to shoot with no flash, which I always prefer. I don't see camera noise as a problem as long as it doesn't distract from the images. To get shots that represent the real context and moment as it was rather than introducing artificial light is, in my opinion, almost always better, more evocative and more beautiful.