Clara and Andrew's pre-wedding picnic, Xochimilco, Mexico City

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Mescal Fueled Party on the Canal

Xochimilco, Mexico City

Take a group of Mexicans, combine them with a group of Brits, feed them several bottles of mescal and several more bottles of beer, and put them in a boat on a canal the day before the wedding. And all to the sound of live mariachis and sing alongs. Yes it was pretty fun, and yes the groom fell into the water. He lived to tell the tale and to marry the love of his life the following evening. I have truly never seen such fun being had as I did at this couple's wedding events. It felt as though they were the first of their group of friends to get married and everyone was over the moon for them. Actually, international weddings (I specifically mean 'bi-national' or 'bi-cultural' rather than simply destination weddings) often end up being extra fun due to that excitement of celebrating with a new mixture of cultural rituals, as well as the feeling that you can literally see each individuals' cultural and geographical universes expanding with the union. If you ever come to Mexico City and you fancy some random drinking, eating and singing on a painted canal barge, Xochimilco is for you. Some people call it cheesy. I call it brilliant. So many colours, so much booze, so much fun. 

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