Clara and Andrew's wedding, Ex-Convento de San Hipólito, Mexico City

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Wedding in Stunning Ex-Convent

Mexico City

The moment for the main wedding ceremony and party finally arrived! After three days of pre-wedding celebrations and drunken fun, one would have thought that this crowd might have been, well, a little calmer for the main event. Nope. Not the case. This wedding was gorgeous and once again, a mega fun party. I started off photographed the bride in her handsome family home, getting ready with her parents, brother and sister-in-law. We then headed to the historic centre of Mexico City and to the Ex Convento de San Hipólito where the wedding ceremony and reception were to be held. The whole place was light up with hanging bulbs and candles, it was beautiful. San Hipólito is a majestic ex convent built with the classic colonial form of one open air courtyard surrounded by cloisters on ground and upper levels. The chuppah was in one of the upper cloister corners with the guests spreading out down two sides of the square. The groom cried and the whole thing was very moving. Soon after this the party and mazel tov began, including the usual being lifted up on chairs and being thrown into the air on a sheet. But there were some extra shenanigans that I've never witnessed before, such as a group of men lying down side by side on the ground and the groom having to take a running jump over the whole row. I was terrified for that last man. But the groom made it. And they all lived happily (and hungoverly) ever after.  


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